Essential Features Of A Corporate Travel Booking Tool

Corporate travel can be time as well as money consuming provided there is not foolproof plan about it. Both employees and companies suffer in the absence of such a program. Thus it makes sense to have a planned program in place so that travel plans and bookings can be seamless. At the same time, there are some basic features every corporate travel booking tool should have.

Components of an efficient corporate travel program

Corporate Travel Booking Tool

Features of a travel program for corporates

Centralized travel: This is one feature that helps in making bookings easier and much more convenient. You will be able to manage all the types of business travel at one place. This will be a one-sport for not just travel and trips but also for reporting for the entire office. The system being secured, no one will be able to manipulate or interfere with it. This also helps in tracking the trips of your employees which means the organization does not end up paying money aimlessly. Every penny spend can be monitored. Imaging how much money a company can save thus?

Better search tool: This is one factor that makes the tool so cool! Get the advantage of refined algorithms to get you a search tool that is custom made for your company. It will get only better with each travel. It also offers great recommendations to make your travel easier and more convenient.

Quicker cancellation: Many a times, corporate travel plans are made in a jiffy and there are times, pre-booked trips have to be cancelled due to some or the other emergency in the office. In such a case, if one opts for direct cancellation by calling up the airline, there are so many hassles. If you are lucky, you may get them, otherwise you will end up being send to queue and you will have to wait for at least few hours to get your query addressed. With the corporate travel booking tool, you just have to click once and your booking will be cancelled and the money refunded. It is as easy as that.

Get discounts: When you have a tool in place, you can also be assured of getting great discounts not only for your tickets but also at hotels and even for car rentals. Isn’t that amazing? You will also find negotiated rates exclusively waiting for you. Since this tool is just for your convenience, such amazing deals will not be available with any booking programs.

Profile management: Create an account and you will expericne the best way to manage profile. You can store your preferences and even loyalty numbers with the tool so that they come handy as soon as you need them.

Better seats: What is a good travel without the best seats? With the travel booking tool, you also get to monitor as well as improve your seats as per the preferences you have put in.

This is not all. You will also get to be in touch with the customer service all the time, so that they can help you when you need help.

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