The Most Expensive City Destinations

Travel accommodation can come in many different varieties and usually every tourist can find what one is looking for based on location, requirements and budget. There are places however, which could be chosen only by those travelers who do not find money being an issue. According to a recent survey that was based on the prices of the average hotel rooms, the most expensive travel destinations include Moscow and Geneva, Zurich and Lagos, New York City and Rio de Janeiro, Hong Kong and Sydney, Paris and Washington.

City Destinations

The price of an average hotel room in the city of Moscow is around 400 US dollars. The Russian capital has the first place in that ranking for already a decade now. This is so, as the demand for hotels in Moscow is higher that the supply. Besides, most of the hotels are of the luxury category and there are no many hotels of the mid-range. The hotel room prices in Moscow are followed by the ones in Lagos, where the average rate goes around 340 US dollars. The issue here us the security and thus travelers prefer to pay a dear price but stay at a secure and luxurious hotel rather than take a risk.

Then come the hotel room prices in the cities of Geneva and Zurich, both based in Switzerland. The average hotel rooms rate to 340 and 332 US dollars respectfully. This is so, as these are important business destinations, known as a corporate travel hotspot. These cities are followed by main tourist hotspots, which will never go out of fashion, interest or style.

Among them are the cities of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil with an average hotel room price of 322 US dollars and New York City offering studio rent New York with an average room price of 320 US dollars. The rest of the cities on our list that have very high prices of the average hotel rooms include Sydney in Australia – a major travel destination in the country with 310 US dollars average price of a hotel room; Hong Kong in China, with its 305 US dollars average price of a hotel room, followed by the tourist Mecca – the capital of France, Paris where the average price of the hotel rooms is 304 US dollars and Washington D.C. in the United States with average price of a hotel room being 300 US dollars. The most expensive cities to live in and to visit are based in Europe.

These are the cities of Zurich and Oslo, followed by the city of Tokyo in Asia where the food is really expensive. All those cities however are worth the money to be seen, so if you have the chance to visit them, do not hesitate.

Travelling is not cheap also in the Swiss town of Geneva, in Copenhagen, Denmark; in Stockholm, Sweden; in London, UK; in Caracas, Venezuela; as well as in Luxembourg. The cheapest places for the travelers to go to; remain the cities of Mumbai and Delhi in India.

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