Top 10 Attractions in France

France is the very beautiful and ancient country. It is considered to be most visited country among all countries of the word. It has any attractions, music and art, nature and construction, food and drink. The whole France is worth seeing.

There are many renowned and prominent places in France. In this busy age no, one gets holidays of so many days that whole France can be visited with deserved attention. If I say any corner of France cannot be left unseen, it’s true. I love France and its scenes.

Top 10 Attractions in France

As I mentioned above, in short vacation you cannot visit whole France. Here I mention some worth seeing places of France which cannot be missed on the trip. If you have holidays of two weeks, you can enjoy these places.

Eiffel Tower—-Tall and Beautiful in French it is called as “La Tour Eiffel”. This is the first worth seeing place in France. Take my advice, not miss the chance to see this miracle.  It is situated in Paris and named after its engineer Gustave Eiffel. It was constructed for world exhibition and now a miracle for the whole world. It is made of iron. It has three levels which can be visited by stair or lift. Tickets are needed to visit the levels.  You might have seen it in films. It is the symbol of France in films. Its top can be seen through all Paris.

Louvre Museum—– Contains Heritage in French it is Muse du Louvre. It was a royal palace which was converted into is the largest museum in the world and has a history. It is also situated in the Paris. Art lover goes here because it has many paintings which are an inspiration for artists. One of the world’s best paintings, Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci attracts the art lovers towards the museum.

Notre-Dame Cathedral—–Religious and Beautiful in French it is called Cathedral Notre Dame. It is in Paris. It is beautiful cathedral built in 1163 to 1345. It is the most visited cathedral and visited by approximately thirteen million people in one year around the world. It is not the world’s largest cathedral but it is beautiful.

Arc de Triumphed—- Victory Signets is magnificent and will attract you. Napoleon got it constructed to give an honor to his armies. It is one of the best memorials of France. Photographs taken here will add beauty to your visit albums.

The Palace of Versailles—-Symbol of Power and Wealth in French it is called Château de Versailles. it is a Royal estate.  It shows the wealth and power of the king which was known by sun king or Roe Soleil. Don’t miss the chance to see this magnificent place which can be reached easily from Palace. It doesn’t take much time to reach here. I bet on that you will lose your heart in this building.

Mont St Michel—– Island It is really spectacular. It is an island situated at the beginning of coast of Normandy. After Paris, it is most lovable by the visitors.

Mont Blanc—- meaning White Mountain It is the highest mountain in France. It lies between Italy and France. Cable car is available to see this natural art. Carcassonne …. Seen in Disneyland It is a medieval city. You might have seen in cartoons of fairies. It is also a spectacular place to visit. Lascaux sites—- Last but Not Least It is also an attractive place for tourists. It is a valley, contains many caves and cave paintings. It shows the ancient art of painting. I hope after reading this, you find some enthusiasm in you to visit the France.

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