Top 5 Historical Places in Turkey

Turkey attracts the travelers toward it by various kinds of destinations. It has unique features in it including, dome and minaret, Roman ruins, beaches and the seaside resort. Each destination attracts visitor and causes him to fall in love with turkey.  To explore the beauty of turkey vacation is not enough. In limited vacation, visit at least these places. Visiting these places will cash your vacation. This is for those who love history; here are these historical places who attract the history lovers.

Top 5 Historical Places in Turkey

Cappadocia It is situated in Gore Me National Park. It attracts tourists toward itself. It is the volcanic rock formation. It has strange and unique geological feature. With this, it is also unique in history so tourist attracts towards it to enjoy a unique feature of Turkey.YAvanos ZelveAmong above towns Urge, Gore me, and Chinar contain outstanding cave houses so tourist attracts here and it helps them to refresh the history.

Here tourist also finds amazing underground cities. It is amazing to see, how hard people worked to build the underground cities. Among these cities Deinkuyu, and Oksana is my favorite while my husband loves Gamier and kamala.

Appends Theatric is historic theatre which was built in 155AD when the Roman King Marcus Aurelius was the ruler of the place. It is quite big which can accommodate up to twenty thousand viewers. It is the best ancient building of ancient times. The stage area was regularly altered and rebuilt because in Seljuk times it was used as roadside restaurants. In spite of reconstruction, its big area shows the best ancient construction of antiquity. It is present with its original beauty. History lovers reveal many facts of past after seeing this magnificent building.

Mount NemrutIt is another historical spot in Turkey. It is more than a more than a mountain. It contains the tomb built by Antiochus I Theo’s. This tomb contains statues of the lion, eagles and the King. Mountain top has statues of Persian gods. The top of the mountain provides the opportunity to view the sunrise from the eastern side. It creates an orange hue and multiplies the mystery of the mountain. To see the sunrise, you must stay here for night or come early before sun rising

Going to mount Permutt and returning without seeing the sunrise sight is not sensible action. Library of CelsusThe library of Celsius is a structure which was the magnificent glory of the city Ephesus. The ruins of Ephesus are famous among the tourist. History lovers know that Ephesus contained the world renowned Temple of arteries which were the wonder of antiquity. It was destroyed by a horde led by the missionary of Constanipole.

This mass destruction was done in 401 AD. But, some structures can be seen in their real beauty. Library of Celsius is one of those long lasting structures. This great library was built in 125 AD. It served as a colossal tomb for the Governor of Asia, named Celsius. So it got the name library of Celsius.

Grime Fairy Chimneys This amazing structure is present in Gore, above mentioned city but here the most prominent feature which contains its identity. This structure is formed by weathering and erosion of volcanic layers. These chimneys are easy to carve. Many chimneys have been excavated to make churches and stores.

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