Travelling to Antarctica——-Take My Tips

If you and your friends have got bored of daily life and even normal tours, expense the most exhilarating trip towards Antarctica. It would be spectacular for you and your friends. This would be an unforgettable trip. Trips to any other country cannot bring so much excitement as the trip to this land can bring. The true adventure lover must go here. My article will discuss some important planning points before the trip.

When to Go? It is very important as Antarctica is not an “All time Go” place. It needs some considerations of weather and climate to decide about the trip. Here is the season detail month wise, November and December It is spring and early summer in these two months. November is also the mating season for cute penguins.

Travelling to Antarctica

Icebergs start melting but still present and provide a great opportunity for photography. Photographer loves to visit in this season before the icebergs stained with nests and feces of birds. Crabeater seal gives birth to young ones and elephant seals are also here growing their harems up. Whales can also be seen here at this time who come to feed on zooplankton.

January to February These two months make the summer season which is a peak season. Peninsula gulls light in the day. Little penguins and seals can be seen playing in the water. This time many ships offer an expedition. Whale lovers should enjoy the love month (February) with many whales playing in the water. Gain the daytime temperature as 50°F equivalent to 10°C, this is the peak temperature and it receivesMarchIt is fallen month.

Temperature starts dropping but still remains above 0°C but starts cold again. Sun sets in the evening. The things are going back to cold icy Antarctica. Birds leave the nest, Penguin grow up. It’s the best time to see the Southern lights in the skies, this occurs from March to September All Other Months are cold and icy.

Means of Travelling You can acquire any mean from the following according to your choiceCruisesAir Flights Air CruisesBudgetTrip to Antarctica is not low budget trip. It needs good amount of money.  Visit the sites you will find some companies offering the trip at low cost and best facilities. Take Care of Your Health You don’t need to specially vaccinate yourself before going. Antarctica is a cold regions night in summer are still cold. You don’t get the detailed medical aid. If you are healthy and fit, visit the doctor and take some medicines. If you have some medical problem, take a note of that problem written by a doctor and keep that with you.

What to Pack? You must have following items in bag Thermal underwear of polypropylene to keep you warm. Parka of bright colors to keep your safe Warm trousers to keep you warm under rain paints and above thermal underwear. Waterproof paints and jackets to keep you safe in rain and storm. Jackets made for polar areas are good to wear.

Warm caps made of wool. Warm socks and thin propylene socks together provide insulation and protection to feet. Don’t use shoes, take long rubber boots. Sunglasses Buy some defensive lotion, to protect arm, face and hands. Camera, of course, and a zip bag to protect camera and mobile. Now you are ready to take a spectacular trip of your lifetime. Author’s Bio: Jacob loves to visit the most unusual places. He lives with his wife and a cute daughter.

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