Why Do I Love Switzerland? 

It is nice to spend summer or fall vacation in Switzerland.   Nature loving people want to go Switzerland as it is full of nature’s beauty.   It is even good in winter for skiers. It is the good place for hiking and tourists enjoy exploring the   nature in this clean and calm country. Swiss mountains are the best mountains   to enjoy hiking. The sight of fields and farms from mountains refresh the   mind and new passion develops inside. It has a wide range of mountains from   difficult to easiest.

Why Do I Love Switzerland? 

If You Are American and want to go a place where you don’t find   any American to get some change in life, Swiss mountains other than Grindelwald   and Zermatt are the best. I personally like a place where I meet people from   other regions of the world to have an experience of different place. It let me acknowledge   about other cultures in one trip.

Smoking Habit Switzerland has strange attitude, everyone smokes in a public   place. When I went, I failed to find any hotel without an ashtray. But it’s   good that it has still neat environment outside and I enjoyed sitting in   Greens. Now it smoking is banned publically but still many hotels allow it.

Get Ready to Meet Cats If you are frightened of cats, well prepare yourself as you   will encounter many cats in Switzerland. Cats are found in fields and even in   the windows of your hotel room. So close the window tightly before sleeping. I   don’t know about you but I really scared of Cats. In the city, there are no cats   but Rural areas have many cats. So, visit rural areas with an open eye for   cats.

Fairy Land Switzerland with its Green fields, good looking people and   nest environment look like a fairy land. Curdled house construction, cog   trains and large mountains with agriculture farms give it a nice look of   fairy land from where I hope to get any Cinderella. If you don’t enjoy the   cog train journey, you didn’t pay worthy attention to Swiss scenes.

Neat Land If I were to give another name to Switzerland I would give Neat land.   It is neat and clean. Its mountains farms, houses, and even people are looked   as all have been washed and trimmed well. You will enjoy the scene of haying. After   rain people come out, start working. Hay shines with sunlight and presents a spectacular   view.

Chocolate Lovers find Their Love Swiss chocolate is tastier than any other chocolate in the   world. It is due to the pure milk which they use in making the chocolate. Eco- Friendly Swiss people have maintained eco-friendly nature. The support   their farming and agriculture. They are proud of green fields and don’t want   to move in the city as in the US or other developed countries.

Well, Organized Swiss people are really very well organized. Their farm is a proof of this. Language Official languages are, German, Italian and French. German   spoken by Swiss People Is somewhat rude worded. Swiss people are friendly but   these rude words false appear them as unfriendly. Author’s Bio: Paul is nature lover and visits the Greens off and on. Switzerland is his favorite place.

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