Why to Visit Hong Kong? Top 5 Places

Are you packing your bag for Asian Trip? What don’t know where to go? I advice visiting Hong Kong. Hamm, now you will ask why? Here are the top five attractive places in Hong Kong. After knowing about these places you cannot stop yourself and will get a ticket to Hong Kong.

Why to Visit Hong Kong Top 5 Places

Ocean Park Dolphin lovers love the ocean park as it is famous for its dolphin show. It is a blend of nature and human inventions. The spectacular rides with marine life show the friendship of nature and invention. The park provides the opportunity for fun and education at the same time. Marine life provides a mean of study and knowing nature. Dolphins, jellyfish and many other kinds of fish are waiting for you.

Don’t miss the chance to have a photograph with the upcoming extinct species Panda (hope it never extinct). They arrange a home for Panda and Panda lovers can stay with this cute creature. Dolphin lovers also have chance to spend some time with Dolphins in loneliness and with a close touch.

Thrill lovers also like this park, as I already mentioned it is a combination of nature and invention. It has many new rides. Those who visited it in 2007 have good news that visits it again as its remaining work has been completed in 2010.

Now the rides and swings are mazing. We all know china is far ahead in technology, rides in this park prove the fact that really China is amazing.  The most amazing ride I found there was Abyss; it takes you sixty-three meters upward and provides a chance to take a full glance at South China than it drops you downwards. Even the most thrill seekers are forced to scream.

Hong Kong Heritage Museum Modern china is quite different from the ancient one.  I still remember the strange stories told by my dad to me about China. To see the heritage and culture of true China this museum is good place. What? Worried about children would disturb the concentration? Don’t worry, children will find a lot of things to do. The most prominent thing in the museum is the enduring history of the New Territories. It tells the change of rural area into the modern urban.

Hong Kong Disney Land…. Kids Enjoy! It’s a place to enjoy for the kids between five to 9 years old. If you have elder children, I advise not to go there. It is fun for small kids, they enjoy there a lot. If you have limited time and have to choose between Ocean Park and Disney Land, I prefer the first.

Madame TussaudeIf you love to see waxwork; it has a good collection of local stars. Those who have visited its sister in London will not find it too good as that. Still I force to visit it as it has its own beauty with local stars. It is divided into six sections as, Hong Kong Glamour World Premiere the Champions Music Icons National Heroes the Scream Section You will enjoy here. I insist to go here and enjoy the art.

Hong Kong Wet Land Park Roaming about in the city casts an impression of Urban Jungle, the developed city far away from green land. Wet Land Park is the good place to explore the Wild in the City. It has great biodiversity collected from all around the world. Author’s Bio: Luke is a freelance writer and lives nowhere   He believes in roaming about and a single yet.

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