Why Vancouver Should Be Your Next Vacation Destination

The lovely city of Vancouver, Canada has a lot of attractions to offer visitors, from its gorgeous snowy mountains, lush forests, relaxing beaches and much more. It consistently hits the top 5 within the “Best Places in the World to Live” and it’s easy to see here that the lifestyle is divine – a perfect blend of outdoor pursuits, world class dining and cultural delights.

Vacation Destination

Located on the West Coast of British Columbia, Vancouver is a worthy travel destination at any time of the year, whether you enjoy the sunny beaches in the summer or the nearby ski hills in the winter season.

Reasons to Visit Vancouver What are some of the reasons why you should consider booking cheap flights to this Canadian city? One of the main attractions is a natural beauty. From many vantage points in the city, you will be able to see the Pacific Ocean and the Coastal Mountain Range at the same time – offering a picture-perfect backdrop to the downtown skyscrapers. There are countless nearby places to escape for an outdoor adventure, such as the forests of Stanley Park, the thigh-ache-inducing Grouse Grind vertical ascent or even the ski resort of Whistler a few hours away.

Along with its natural attractions, Vancouver is also well known for its cultural offerings. The Vancouver Art Gallery exhibits a range of works from Canadian legends as well as famous international artists and always has a thought provoking exhibit on display. Along with the VAG, the city has many other superb art galleries, theatres and cultural events such as the Vancouver Fringe Festival.

Food to Try During Your Visit Another attraction is the exciting cultural diversity of Vancouver and the range of delicious ethnic food that it brings. From sushi to Chinese dumplings to Italian pasta and spicy Indian curry – you can taste the world without leaving the city! One of the best ways to try new food in Vancouver is to visit one of the many food trucks that are located around the city.

Here are a few delicious food truck treats that you can sample during your visit to Vancouver: Try the Korean Breakfast Burrito at the Roaming Dragon food truck. It features scrambled eggs, bell peppers, mozzarella, salsa, cheese, spinach, Asian guacamole and Korean BBQ sauce for a Mexican/Korean fusion that is unforgettable.

Check out the Chicken Fried Oyster “Po-Boy” at the “Fresh Local Wild” truck – it’s a filling and indulgent New Orleans inspired sandwich that is guaranteed to satisfy you. Have you ever tried a Japanese-inspired hot dog? If not, the JAPADOG cart will rock your world as it offers hot dogs with Japanese toppings including noodles, teriyaki sauce, seaweed and much more.

Of course, what could be more comforting than a classic grilled cheese sandwich? Try one from Mom’s Grilled Cheese, a much-loved food truck located at Howe Street and West Georgia. Fly with Cathay Pacific When you book your flight to Vancouver, why not fly with Cathay Pacific? They won the award for the World’s Best Cabin Staff in 2013 and according to CEO John Solar, they are committed to delivering service “Straight from the Heart” on your Cathay Pacific holiday.

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